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        The Best Clothing and Gear for Outdoors

        Partioaitta Rovaniemi is a specialist outdoor store where you can find accessories, footwear, clothing and hardware for all your outdoor needs with the help of our professional staff.

        Want to see northern lights, aurora borealis? Rovaniemi is great place to stay in search for northern lights. There are many guided tours in city. From our centrally located store (right next to the railway station!) you can find proper clothing to keep you warm during cold evenings and nights. Don't forget to bring a torch or headlamp with you because if there are no northern lights, it is really dark out there!


        How to dress in arctic?

        3 layers creates warmth

        Dressing in arctic consists of 3 layers: base layer, mid-layer and outer shell and insulation.

        Base layer is woollen. It consists of long johns and long sleeve shirt, but remember also to change cotton underwear pants, socks, bras and t-shirt to wool! Wool transfers moisture to mid-layer and keeps your skin dry and thus warm. But even if wool gets wet, it still keeps you warm. Amazing, isn't it. Wool is nature's own supermaterial.

        Mid-layer is thin insulation like fleece or woollen shirt. It's function is to "suck" moisture from base layer and your skin and transfer it forward to outer shell and ultimately outside of your own "microcosmos" you created with layering clothing.

        Outer shell blocks wind getting inside and taking away warmth you created. In really cold conditions, it should also be well insulated. Good winter jackets, like Fjällräven or Canada Goose, are both wind proof and well insulated with down, wool or syntetic material.

        Wear wool or synthetic

        Most important rule: do not wear cotton!
        Cotton absorbs moisture and when damp, or even wet, cotton will freeze you quickly. Wool, down and synthetic materials like Primaloft are best options.

        Base layer 
        Outer shell 

        Finnish design and traditionals

        Interested buying Finnish design gift or traditional Finnish product? For traditional Finnish products, there are two main products that are as essentially Finnish as it gets. A Finnish "puukko" knife and wooden "kuksa" mug. In Finland "puukko" knife is great gift choice and especially as a rite of passage. Wooden "kuksa" mug is where traditionally you drank and ate from. Real "kuksa" is made of one birch wood piece.

        Finnish design 
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